About Me

My name is Tonya and I am so happy you’re interested in learning a little more about me. I’m origionally from a small town just outside Houston, TX. We moved to Poplar Bluff my sophmore year of high school. It was a bit of a culture shock, but I am so glad we did or I never would have met the most amazing man and love of my life, Jake. He’s my best friend and I thank God every day he brought him into my life. (I still miss the beach though)

I’m mom to three amazing kids; Austin, Colton and Brylee. They are my inspiration and why I started my photography journey. You’ll see them here and there on the blog, though my oldest two tend to hide from the camera. I still manage to sneak a shot or two.

Together with my in-laws we own a 4000 acre farm. I love being a farmers wife! I’ll never forget the first time my hubby put me behind the wheel of the combine or the look on my father-in-law’s face when he pulled up.

A few random things……I love books, rainy days, coffee, the sun, the beach, flip flops, four wheelin’ through the mud, more coffee, tractor pullin’ with my hubby, sweet tea, shopping, shoes, even more coffee, hangin with my kids, laughing, God and my crazy, wonderful family!

I hope this gives you an idea about who I am. I’d love to meet and get to know everyone who took the time to learn a little more about me. I hope you enjoy my blog and that one day it will be your family I have the joy of sharing.

Thanks so much for stopping by and hope to hear from you soon!