Belly To Babe

Having a baby is amazing and wonderous. I am so excited you are interested in letting me capture this special time in your life.

It is best to schedule your maternity session between your 28th and 34th week. This is when your belly is at its most beautiful and we don’t have to worry to much about early labor. Your session can be in my studio, at a location of your choosing or a combination of both. Whatever you are most comfortable with.

Your newborn session is best scheduled within their first 10 days. After 10 days they start to lose their newborn characteristics and posing becomes more difficult. They are more alert and harder to get into those adorable curled up positions.Your session will take place in my studio. I have quite the collection of blankets, hats and props to make each session unique. Safety is very important to me so I may ask you to assist with some of the more adventurous posing. If you are not comfortable with this let me know before the session and I will bring in an assistant.

For more information regarding
Belly To Babe
please call or email me. I look forward to hearing from you!